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Tungsten vs Steel Rings

tungsten vs steel
Tungsten and steel are very popular choices for wedding bands in the mid-lower price range. But what is the difference between the pair? This article answers that very question…

Your Questions Answered?

Tungsten: in brief

Tungsten is one of THE hardest metals on earth- beaten only by diamond on the Mohs scale of hardness. Used for making tools and lightbulbs, its sleek, contemporary look has also made it an increasingly popular alternative to gold and platinum for wedding rings.

Steel: in brief

Steel is a stylish and lightweight material, most commonly used for kitchen appliances, and more recently also gaining popularity as an alternative (and un-expensive) choice for wedding band material.

Tungsten vs Steel


Both are extremely scratch-resistant, with the tungsten being roughly 50% more so.


Both rings are tough as teak, and although tungsten is the toughest, it is NOT unbreakable- despite its reputation. Its strength also comes with a brittleness which means it can be cracked if subject to sufficient pressure. Pound-for-pound, you may even say steel edges this one, but both are renowned for this very quality.


Both tungsten and stainless steel rings require very little upkeep. Both metals can be cleaned with soap and water. If you’re not wearing your ring, just be careful to store it in a safe place to prevent any damage.


The toughness of both material mean that they will need replaced in the event they become too tight for your fingers. If they are too loose they can either be replaced, or you can try one of these homemade solutions…

As a reminder if you purchase from us (Newman Bands) we offer 100 day free returns in case you need to change your size.


Both are hypo-allergenic- even though they may often contain nickel, it is bound so tightly is doesn’t have the chance to affect the skin.


This is one of their main points of difference.

Tungsten has a weighty and solid feel that many men favour with their jewelry, and weighs in around 50% heavier than stainless steel. However, for men who prefer the more discreet lightweight feel, then we would recommend a titanium ring.

Emergency removal

Such is tungsten’s reputation for strength there is the common misconception that it presents problems in the event of an emergency. Let us dispel that myth right now- due to the brittle nature we referred to earlier, if tungsten needs to be removed in any emergency, a vice-like grip will be able to crack it off. This video shows you how:
A circular saw can be used to remove stainless steel rings in the event of an emergency.

Is tungsten or steel a better wedding band material?

So, the moment of truth- which ring is best for you?

Almost certainly tungsten – BUT if you want a lighter weight ring then look at titanium instead of steel

The choice is yours!

Have a look at NewmanBand’s selection of tungsten rings, and see if that helps make your mind up…


Tungsten’s remarkable hardness makes it superior in scratch resistance compared to steel. This robustness means tungsten retains its finish longer. However, while steel is less scratch-resistant, it’s more resilient to impacts and less likely to crack or shatter, offering durability in a different aspect.

Tungsten offers a unique, polished look and is available in various colors, including classic gray and black. Its finish is more resistant to tarnishing. Steel has a traditional metallic sheen and is often used in more intricate designs due to its malleability, but it may require more upkeep to maintain its luster.

Tungsten is hypoallergenic, making it a safer choice for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies. Stainless steel, particularly higher grades like surgical steel, is also hypoallergenic but may contain trace amounts of nickel, which could be a concern for some individuals with very sensitive skin or severe nickel allergies.

Tungsten rings are notably heavier than steel rings, giving a substantial, weighty feel on the finger. This can be a significant factor in choosing between the two, as some people prefer the heft of tungsten, while others find the lighter weight of steel more comfortable for everyday wear.

Due to their hardness, tungsten rings cannot be resized, and customization options may be limited. Steel rings offer more flexibility in resizing and customization. This makes steel a more versatile choice for those who anticipate needing size adjustments or desire personalized designs.