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Men's Brown Wedding Rings

Men's tungsten and titanium rings featuring wood. Both elegant and simple, a Brown ring stands for authenticity. Brown is genuine, down-to-earth and straight talking. The perfect and natural choice of colour for a men's ring.

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  • Striker – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Black with Wood 8mm

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  • Buck – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Antler & Wood 8mm

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  • Connoisseur – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Black & Wood 8mm

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  • Discovery – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Antler and Wood 8mm

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  • Eagle – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Brown & Rose Gold 8mm

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  • Escapade – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Black & Wood 8mm

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  • Iridescent – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver, Wood, Abalone Shell 8mm

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  • Native – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver & Wood 8mm

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  • Nimble – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Antler Bone & Wood 8mm

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A stunning range of brown men’s tungsten and titanium rings. A Brown ring gives the message that you mean what you say. That you are who you are and that you are proud of it. You are natural, in tune with nature and completely genuine.

The colour of our earth, wood, soil and stone, Brown is a representation of nature, wholesomeness and simple goodness. It has a beautiful elegance that is simultaneously warm and honest. Authentic and true.

For our Mind, Body and Spirit, Brown is both comforting and nurturing. Soothing, warm and dependable. It seems to transmit peace and tranquillity. Brown is the natural and perfect choice for people who love nature and all that it has to offer.

And very importantly, Brown has all the important qualities and attributes required for a Wedding Band – and more. This colour reflects your sincerity. Your authenticity and simple belief in true love above all things. By choosing a Brown Wedding Band, you are selecting honesty, nature and simplicity.

And for any other kind of ring, Brown is simply perfect. Down to earth and straight talking. If you understand the importance of being yourself and true to yourself, Brown may well be the colour that is the ideal match for you.

There is a wonderful range of Brown rings to choose from. All different – but all with a stunning natural elegance.

You may like a silver ring with an inlay of natural wood or antler bone – or a black ring with an inlay or groove of brown wood.

Your Newman Band – Make it Your Colour.


Tungsten Carbide or Titanium