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Men's Shell Rings

A stunning and distinctive range of men's rings featuring an inlay of Abalone Shell or Pearl and set within tungsten or titanium. Completely unique, shell is a bold and vibrant choice. Perfect for the one of a kind man looking for something extraordinary.

No other material offers a style of ring that is so distinctive, so eye catching and so vibrant as abalone shell or pearl. It makes for a ring that is sure to be noticed.

These unique rings are absolutely one of a kind. Note that the pattern of the abalone shell will vary as each is made from a natural and unique piece of shell.

Highly symbolic in the many cultures where Abalone shell is found, this is a choice with meaning. Offering you the tranquillity of the sea and infinite depth as well as immense style.

When you are sat in the office, hard at work, you can remind yourself of the ocean and the place that is so important to you.

Both abalone shell and mother-of-pearl sit beautifully in a men’s silver ring. Choosing a tungsten ring or a titanium ring provides strength and durability while the shell provides beauty and iridescence.




Tungsten Carbide or Titanium with inlay of Abalone Shell