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How To Wear Men’s Rings With Style?

how to wear a mens ring with style
Men’s rings are one of the few jewelry accessories that suit all types of men- not just the ones who want their necks and wrists blinged up!
The kind of ring you wear and how you wear it plays an important role in determining your style. You leave an impression with your accessories, and if you don’t make the little bit of effort to get them right, you’re wasting your time. And money…
This guide tells you how!

Your Questions Answered?

The Basics

First of all, let’s get the basics out of the way…. There are some etiquettes that one may be expected to follow but is not bound to. For instance, which finger should a man wear his ring on?

 Well, you can wear your ring on either hand; however, a wedding ring is supposed to be worn on a specific hand. Some cultures prefer the right hand whereas some prefer the left. This is one area most are happy to play it safe and follow the crowd, understandably.

Choosing The Ring

Choosing the right size and the right design of the ring is important, and I can’t stress it enough. Remember that your accessories speak volumes, and if you want to make a statement, you can’t do that with cheap steel bands on your finger. Or you can, be its likely now the impression you were aiming for!

 Before you go ring shopping, either size your finger beforehand or ask the jeweler to do it for you, especially if it’s a wedding ring you’re buying.

 Secondly, you don’t want your fingers to look gigantic with smaller rings if you have thick fingers, so it’s better to go for thicker, bulkier rings for larger hands.

How To Style Rings Flawlessly with your Accessories?

Watches And Bracelets

Watches or bracelets on a man’s hand can look great and adding a ring can really complement the whole look.

If you’re wearing a fancy watch, going with a simple gold or silver band is best but if your watch is simpler, then

Tuxedo: Comfort Over Looks

Yes, rings are purely for aesthetics purposes, but comfort matters too. Again, wincing in pain throughout the night is likely not the look you are shooting for!

To style them properly, go for a comfy design that looks classy but also goes well with whatever colour tuxedo you’ve chosen.

Match Your Skin Tone!

Wearing rings made up of metals that match your skin tone is hack 101. 

If you’ve got a paler complexion, a gold or titanium ring would look great. If you have a chocolatey skin tone, silvers work wonders. And if you have a peachy skin tone, platinum and titanium rings are your best bet.

Must Have Rings To Get Started


A gold ring (or gold-plated) is a classic, and even if you’re trying out rings for the first time, you can never go wrong with a simple gold band. Not only do they work great as wedding bands, but you can also add a bit of pizzazz by adding some stones to a gold base or getting a gold ring engraved with your initials for a great statement piece.
These are elegant, stylish, and versatile- as suitable for a rock-concert as they are for black-tie events.
  • Masterly – Men’s Titanium Ring – Gold 6mm or 8mm

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  • Eloquent – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Gold 6mm or 8mm

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  • King – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Gold 6mm or 8mm

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Silvers look flawless on dark skin tones, and they look lavish as wedding bands too (Regardless of your skin tone).

Having one silver or silver-plated ring in your collection offers a stylish accessory for any occasion. 

Oh, and if you’re looking for something casual? For everyday wear, these plain or engraved silver bands can be your go-to.

  • Elie Thin Style – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver 4mm

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  • Orbital – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver with Faux Meteorite and Black Carbon Fibre

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  • Blue Lagoon – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver & Blue 8mm

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Tungsten is a popular choice for men’s rings due to its durability, resistance to scratches, low maintenance and hypoallergenic properties. It is four times harder than titanium and ten times harder than gold and maintains its shine and luster for a longer period of time. Tungsten rings are available in a variety of styles and finishes, making it a great option for men who work with their hands or are active in sports.

  • Fireball – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Black with Faux Meteorite 6mm or 8mm

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  • Systematic – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver & Black 6mm

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  • The Champion – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver Black Gold 6mm or 8mm

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These rings are tough, affordable, and durable. You can style them in numerous ways— either rings with gemstones and inlays or engravings, or just a simple band. They could be worn to any occasion and with any outfit. You really can’t go too far wrong.

  • Resolve – Men’s Titanium Ring – Silver 6mm or 8mm

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  • Unswerving – Men’s Titanium Ring – Black & Blue 6mm or 8mm

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  • Ambience – Men’s Titanium Ring – Black with Iridescent Groove 7mm

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Rings On Fingers: Symbolism

There is a wide range of rings men can wear aside from just their wedding band, of course. And the ring he chooses and where he chooses to wear it often signify the particular stylistic statement he is trying to make.


Wearing your ring on your thumb is quite a bold decision, but if you can pull it off easily, it’s a daring, modern way to style your ring.

Sure, it’s a little unconventional, but, well, thats partly the point! It is gaining popularity around the world— especially due to its association with wealth and influence.

And what kind of rings look best? Being a big and bulky finger, it needs a big and bulky ring. Adding a thick platinum band, or a silver ring with a big stone on it is a popular choice.

If you do go for a piece on your thumb you may want to reconsider rings elsewhere than can dilute the impression it makes or look like bling over-kill…


Your pinky finger is essentially a decorative finger and is mostly useless when it comes to doing work. Therefore, wearing decorative rings on your pinky can be hassle-free and stylish, both at once.

Though pinky rings have somehow been associated with gangsters- thank you, Hollywood- so long as you are not hiding a body in the trunk of your car, you’re safe enough to wear them if you like the look. Plus, you shouldn’t get any hassle with people skipping in front of you at the bar!

Ring Finger.

The ring finger has been the designated finger for wedding rings for ages; some traditions and customers prefer the left ring finger, whereas some prefer the right.

This finger symbolizes the apparently unbroken vein that no other finger has, that goes directly goes to the heart, hence it has been home to wedding rings for centuries. Not factually true (all veins in your fingers are the same), but it does sound good.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is the least common finger among men wearing rings. Not only can they be less comfortable but they can also give the hand a crowded look if you are wearing other rings too.

If you do go for a middle finger ring, it works best alone or with one on the pinky.

Index Finger

The most prominent and most used finger is the index finger. This finger is traditionally reserved for important pieces of jewelry, meaning a family crest or an heirloom. This finger symbolizes nobility, sophistication, and superiority and your ring should reflect these qualities well.

Who knew that ring styling had so much nuance? Well, we hope this guide has shed a bit of light on it for you, helping you make the stylish choice best suited for you.