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Can You Resize a Titanium Ring?

resize titanium rings

Titanium’s mixture of strength and style has made it an increasingly popular choice for wedding bands. However, the common perception they cannot be re-sized has led some to having second thoughts. This article aims to pull apart the fact from fiction, so you can make a confident, educated choice about whether it’s the material for you.

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Your Questions Answered?

So, fact or fiction?

Well, not to sit on the fence but the truth is, this one is a grey area. Let me explain…

These rings, unlike others made from softer metals, are made from a solid piece of titanium which is why it is considered not to be adjustable for sizing. However, depending on the jeweler and his competency, these rings CAN be resized to a certain extent.

Several factors come into play when a titanium ring needs to be resized– the grade of the titanium that determines its stretchability being the most important factor, followed by the ring inlay (which can adjust one size up or down).

So if you are considering plumping for titanium, the resizing issue certainly shouldn’t be the deciding factor, so long as your ring is properly sized prior to purchase.

Resizing A Ring With Bling

What about resizing rings that have blingy designs, loaded with gems or stones? Well, that one is NOT such a great idea. Resizing these rings may cause them to lose their shape which is not a look too many are going for!

Too Snug?

If your titanium band is too tight for your finger, the best way to loosen it up is to get a professional to carefully shave out the inner side of the ring. This will create some wiggle space– this could be done by about half a size up of the ring. If it still doesn’t fit, you might need to go for a complete restructure of the piece itself.

If your ring is made of aircraft-grade titanium, it can get bigger by up to 2 sizes up. However, this is highly dependent on the thickness of the ring and the tools available to the jeweler.

This will likely sand out any engravings or inscriptions on the inside of the ring, but you can that part can be easily re-done, at least.

Too Much Wiggle Room?

And what about the opposite? Is your titanium ring too loose for your fingers? Again, nothing to worry about. Although melting or reshaping is a bit tricky, it can still be done in most cases. A smaller ring can be added to the inside of your existing ring which can tighten it up for you.

You can even try DIY this resizing, but of course, it can start to get a bit messy…

If you have the tools, however, and you’re a bit handy with this kind of thing, as this video demonstrates, it CAN be done:

Adding a ring liner to the insides of the ring is the wisest solution to this problem.The good thing is that you get to choose the material and color of the liner, so it’s more like a customization too. All fairly low-maintenance and easily-done.

Another option is to get a jeweler to downsize your ring with a tightening rod, but if you have any memorable or personal engravings inside, you will likely lose them with here.

Lastly- and we don’t endorse this method- you can have sizing beads installed inside to make the ring smaller in size. However, it keeps the beads exposed and is not a great look, especially for wedding bands. The beads can also cause discomfort so keep this very much as your last resort (that is if your ring CAN be resized).

If your ring cannot be downsized, an option we have seen is people improvising and wearing the ring around their neck in a chain.

Factors To Determine If Resizing Is Possible

There are a few factors that jewelers look at to determine whether they can resize a certain titanium ring without damaging the piece.

The Grade Of The Titanium

Titanium is a harder metal and unlike soft metals, cannot be easily melted to resize or reform the rings. Therefore, the grade of titanium determines whether it is stretchable enough to be resized.

 Grade 5 titanium, which is usually used to make rings, is quite stretchable and therefore, more suitable for ring resizing. If your ring is made up of grade 5 titanium, then you are in luck, because these can be adjusted to up to 2 sizes up.

Any Inlays Or Gems?

If the ring has intricately crafted inlays, the jeweler would have to be very careful with the resizing because this may ruin the inlay or completely damage the ring. Similarly, if the ring has any gemstones– as I mentioned above, it can get a little tricky to resize it without deforming it.

Now, I am not saying that the resizing cannot be done– it can be resized to 1 size up or down- but I would argue the risk outweighs the reward.

Do Titanium Rings Maintain Their Shapes?

Titanium is a pretty strong, durable, and hard metal and, therefore, it’s very unlikely it will lose its shape over time. So if you ever feel like your ring has warped and doesn’t fit anymore, it’s not the ring my friend… *cough cough*

Which brings us neatly back to the topic at hand, resizing! If the ring doesn’t fit anymore, it is most likely due to your fingers changing their size, due to weight changes but it is not that big a deal; you can get your ring readjusted to your size, as we talked about earlier.

Before Buying A Titanium Ring: Dos And Don’ts

These are Do’s and Don’t you need to know before buying a titanium ring…

DIY Sizing Your Finger

This is the most crucial step in your journey of selecting the right titanium ring for yourself or your partner. You can take the size of the intended finger and then get the correct fitting of the ring.

Tape Measure

  • Take a string and wrap it around your finger
  • Note where the string starts from and where it overlaps on the finger
  • Cut the string from the spool
  • Take a ruler and spread the cut string on the ruler to measure the size
  • You have the circumference to your finger– compare it to the sizing chart and get the right fit!

Ring Sizer

A ring sizer is an even more precise way of measuring your ring size. These are readily available and at $10 don’t cost much more than a cup of coffee these days. You’ll get yourself a hassle-free, accurate sizing.

To correctly use the tool you just have to wrap it around your finger and tighten it until it feels comfortable, hugging your finger perfectly. Make sure that it slides on and off easily– much like the ring you are going to order.

Visit Your Nearest Jewelry Store

Jewelers can measure your ring size perfectly and show you accurate matching designs for your fingers. This is the best way to purchase the right ring, but if you’re not in the mood to go shop, you can use the above methods and order online! (Link)


Browsing designs and styles from different websites is a plus when it comes to buying any sort of jewelry. You get the idea of your preferred tastes, and you can make up your mind about your favorite one pretty quickly.

You can also get your ring custom-made, especially if you want engravings and specific stones. It is also wise to take your significant other with you on the ring hunt so that you get their accurate size and style.

Ordering Online

While ordering a ring online, DO check the right size at home and DO mention any customizations clearly.

We also offer to send you a free ring sizer if you need it. Just select the ring you’d like and from the sizing options, select the ‘I Don’t Know My Ring Size’. We’ll then send you a ring sizer first. 

If you order with Newman Bands we do offer FREE delivery and FREE returns. So if you need to change your size, just let us know. It’s quick and easy and won’t cost you anything. We make it as easy as possible.

Final Thoughts

All in all, titanium rings are great for long-term wear as they’re pretty durable and long-lasting. They are also comfortable, with a pleasant lighter weight, and come in a variety of styles and designs. It’s worth mentioning engravings look particularly good on titanium bands, especially if they are for your wedding.

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