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Looking for a traditional gold ring with a modern feel? With a gorgeous dome shape and silver streak, Glory is a distinctive ring and superb choice.



The Glory ring features all of the benefits of tungsten with the style, beauty, and excellence of a more traditional ring. The sleek, highly-polished gold surface and interior are handsomely complemented by the silver at the centre of the ring.


If you want a traditional gold ring with a modern feel, this ring is for you. The gorgeous dome shape and silver streak of Glory makes it a distinctive band and a superb choice as a wedding, engagement, or statement ring.


You are a glorious man who craves glory in all things in life. The fame and importance of a strong presence, a motivational figure, and, above all else, a kind, reasonable man who only wants to triumph with great honour. Overall a highly impressive ring.

Ring Details


  • Beautiful dome shaped ring
  • Highly polished gold surface and interior
  • Silver line detail

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