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Natural Wood Rings for Men

Enjoy Free Delivery and Free Returns - Choose the wrong size? No worries – return it at no cost for a full refund or exchange. Join our 5000+ delighted customers with 5-star experiences. For the man who loves to be outdoors. A men's wood ring speaks of an adventuresome spirit - bold, wholesome and down to earth. Our rings with an inlay of wood are striking, distinctive and have an unparalleled natural elegance.

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  • mens silver ring with wood titanium 8mm Patience

    Patience – Men’s Titanium Ring – Silver & Wood 8mm

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  • Silver mens tungsten ring

    Resolute – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Wood & Abalone Shell 8mm

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  • Woodsman silver mens ring with wood inlay made from tungsten

    Woodsman – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver and Natural Wood 8mm

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  • Euphoria antler opal wood mens titanium ring

    Euphoria – Men’s Titanium Ring – Antler Opal Wood 8mm

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If you are looking for a unique and interesting edge to your ring or wedding band, a ring with an inlay of natural wood provides just that.

Since the beginning of humankind, people have been crafting products from wood – basic tools, weaponry and jewellery. Offering incredible natural beauty, a ring made with wood has its roots in the past. The very first Wedding Bands were made out of wood – the most easily obtainable and versatile material at this time.

Choosing a ring made with Wood shows your connection to nature and your appreciation of its beauty. Wood is for the man who loves to be outdoors. It speaks of adventure, spirit and tough survival skills.

And there is something about a wooden ring that says down to earth. Practical. Honest, hard-working and wholesome. Unrivalled attributes for a man.

And for a Wedding Band, wood speaks of a genuine and everlasting love. For something so natural as love, wood may well be just the thing you are looking for.

At Newman Bands, our range of Wooden rings are stylish, elegant and very contemporary. We use Tungsten Carbide or Titanium rings with a Wooden Inlay. The addition of Wood provides a rustic quality that is completely unparalleled. With a refreshing style, these rings stand out as unique and provide so much more than the average.

Together; Tungsten and Wood or Titanium and Wood – make an almighty ring or men’s Wedding Band; sturdy and durable with a rustic charm and stunning elegance. Perfectly fitting for an outdoors kind of man who is both practical and sophisticated.

Many of our wood rings feature in both the men’s silver ring collection and the men’s black ring collection.


Tungsten Carbide or Titanium with inlay of natural wood