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Tungsten Rings for Men

Enjoy Free Delivery and Free Returns - Choose the wrong size? No worries – return it at no cost for a full refund or exchange. Join our 5000+ delighted customers with 5-star experiences. Discover your perfect men's tungsten ring effortlessly. Each ring is a masterpiece, handcrafted with precision, offering unmatched strength, durability, and superior scratch resistance. Embrace the blend of elegance and resilience with our exquisite tungsten rings for men

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  • Champion - Mens Silver and Gold Ring

    The Champion – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver Black Gold 6mm or 8mm

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  • gold mens wedding ring King

    King – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Gold 6mm or 8mm

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  • King Thin Style - Gold mens ring great for mens wedding ring

    King Thin Style – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Gold 4mm

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  • Always brushed silver ring with gold centre and polished silver sides

    Always – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver with Rose Gold 6mm

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  • black meteorite Fireball

    Fireball – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Black with Faux Meteorite 6mm or 8mm

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  • mens silver shell wood ring Elements 8mm tungsten

    Elements – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Abalone Shell and Wood 8mm

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  • silver mens wedding ring Elie

    Elie – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver 6mm or 8mm

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  • Embrace - Mens ring of silver and gold

    Embrace – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver with Groove of Gold 8mm

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  • black mens wedding ring Jet

    Jet – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Brushed Black 6mm or 8mm

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Tungsten Rings for Men

Are you looking for a super strong and durable wedding band or ring?

At Newman Bands, we specialise in men’s tungsten rings. Each of our tungsten rings for men are supremely strong, durable, and have the best scratch resistance compared to all other metals. Handmade with the highest quality tungsten carbide, our tungsten men’s rings are guaranteed to never lose their shine.

Rings made with tungsten are approximately 10 times harder than 18 karat gold, and 4 times harder than titanium. A men’s tungsten ring is essentially the strongest and most durable that you can get.

What does a ring with supreme strength mean for you? It guarantees that your tungsten ring for men will not bend or become out of shape over time (this is the case with softer metals such as gold and silver that will gradually lose their shape).

Not only will your tungsten ring not bend or become out of shape, but your ring is also pretty much indestructible. This is a ring that will not crack or break unless under real extreme pressure. The only way to get your tungsten ring to break would be to bash it with a hammer. Don’t take this as a challenge, I am just saying!

A ring with such strength is not only manly and tough – it is also phenomenally durable and long-lasting. You can go about your busy life without having to take your ring off – or worry about it. A tungsten men’s ring gives you the confidence in a strong and durable ring that will last a lifetime and more.

Why Should I Buy a Tungsten Men’s Ring?

Almighty strong, and phenomenally durable, your men’s tungsten ring will not bend or become out of shape. Neither will it break or crack. Here you have a ring that will last a lifetime, retaining its shine and staying pristine.

Tungsten rings for men have the best scratch resistance compared to all other types of ring metal.

Being such a hard material, tungsten can only be scratched by another material that is harder than itself. Since the only material harder than tungsten is diamond, as long as you keep the diamonds away from your tungsten ring, there will be no scratches!

With a tungsten men’s ring, there is no need to take your ring off or give it a second thought, no matter what you are doing. No wonder tungsten rings for men have seen such a surge in popularity over recent years. If you are a man who works with his hands or plays hard, this is a perfect choice and must-have ring.

Another important quality of tungsten is that it has excellent resistance to corrosion and is not susceptible to rusting or tarnishing.

How Much do Men’s Tungsten Rings Cost?

Tungsten rings for men are highly affordable and substantially cheaper than traditional ring metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. This is because tungsten is not considered a precious metal and so does not have the value attached to it like a precious metal such as gold. The price does not mean that tungsten is inferior – in fact, the strength, durability, and practicality of tungsten surpasses all other choices of the ring.

Be wary of tungsten men’s rings that seem a little too cheap. No ring is made with pure tungsten and all have been mixed with a binder. The material to bind tungsten can either be cobalt or nickel. Those made with cobalt will be cheaper but are much more likely to cause skin irritations, make your finger go black, and have oxidation spots on it over time.

If you are unsure, ask the supplier and stay away from tungsten rings that seem surprisingly cheap.

At, we only use rings made with tungsten and a superior nickel binder alloy to guarantee the best quality and long-lasting men’s tungsten rings. Each ring is made with 85% tungsten which is the optimal amount for durability and scratch resistance. If a ring seems too cheap, be sure to ask exactly how much tungsten is used to make the ring. If it is less than 85% you will start to lose the benefits of tungsten.

How are Tungsten Rings Made?

To make tungsten rings for men, pure tungsten metal and carbon are ground to a fine powder. This compressed powder is placed in a mould and then heated to 1400 degrees Celsius. This creates the tungsten carbide metal which then goes on to have a satin, brushed, or matte finish.

This process creates a ring that is not only hardwearing and practical but also elegant and beautiful.

Where to Buy Tungsten Wedding Bands and Rings?

Tungsten men’s rings are available to buy both in jewellery shops and online. The advantage of the jewellery shop is that you can try the rings on before you buy. The main advantage of the online shop is that there are many more designs to choose from.

Here at Newman Bands, we offer a Try at Home service. Here you have the best of both worlds – you can try the rings on – and have a huge range of men’s tungsten rings to choose from.

Which is Better Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands?

Both titanium and tungsten have so much to offer. The main difference is the weight of the ring. Titanium rings are much lighter than tungsten rings for men which are comparatively weighty. Some men love this about tungsten as the ring feels substantial and manly while other men may prefer a ring that they don’t notice they are wearing (titanium).

Another difference is that a tungsten men’s ring will provide you with superior scratch resistance. In fact, tungsten is the most scratch-resistant metal on the planet. The only material it can be scratched by is something harder than itself. And the only thing harder than itself is diamond.

Titanium also has excellent scratch resistance (far superior to gold, platinum, silver) – just not quite as scratch resistant as a men’s tungsten ring.

Swimmers may prefer to choose a titanium wedding band being highly resistant to most causes of corrosion including chlorine and seawater. In comparison, tungsten rings can be sensitive to harsh chemicals including chlorine.

How Long do Tungsten Rings Last?

Your tungsten ring for men is designed to last a lifetime. Tungsten guarantees that the ring is durable and hardwearing. Not only that, there is little risk of your ring scratching, especially if you steer clear of diamonds.  And if you still want more… your tungsten men’s ring is not going to bend or lose its shape. And you want more?! Well, there is no chance of your tungsten men’s ring rusting, corroding, or tarnishing.

With the exception of silver, all coloured tungsten rings are made through a process named ion plating. This is the case for all tungsten jewellery. Ion plating means that the surface of the ring has been bombarded with atomic-sized energetic particles in a vacuum. This leaves a hard coating of compound materials in the chosen colour. Tungsten rings that have been ion plated will not rust or tarnish.

The process of ion plating means that over a period of time, you may find that the plating wears off and your ring may need to be re-plated at a jewellery shop. To minimise this risk, it is a good idea to take your wedding band or ring off while washing – and especially when using harsh cleaning products or exposing your ring to chlorine.

Men’s tungsten rings in silver are not plated as this is the natural colour of the metal. These rings will therefore not need to be re-plated.

How to Clean Tungsten Rings for Men?

Caring for your tungsten ring is as easy as anything. It needs extremely little in terms of looking after.

To keep your ring in pristine condition, the following tips will help:

  • Every now and again, soak your ring in warm water or warm water with a little washing-up liquid. This will get rid of any build-up of dirt and grime. Just 15 minutes will do it – or you can leave overnight.
  • Use a very soft toothbrush (a baby toothbrush is ideal) to scrub the surface and inside of the ring.
  • Use a jewellery polishing cloth to keep your ring lustrous, shining, and bright.
  • Remove your ring before using harsh chemicals or swimming. The exception being titanium which is okay to wear while swimming.
  • What is the Difference between Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide Rings?

Tungsten is a chemical element that is represented by the symbol W and atomic number 74 on the periodic table. Naturally dark grey, it is well known for its remarkable robustness, high density and hardness.

Being brittle and unmalleable, tungsten needs to be combined with other elements to make a ring. This is where tungsten carbide comes into the equation. Tungsten is alloyed with another element, most usually nickel. The best quality tungsten rings will include a high proportion of tungsten (ideally 85%) to make sure that the ring has all the benefits of tungsten.

At Newman Bands, all of our tungsten men’s rings are made with 85% tungsten and 15% nickel. This combination is known as tungsten carbide. You will never find a ring made with pure tungsten. Just to simplify matters, most retailers will refer to their rings as tungsten when these are tungsten carbide rings.

So, the difference between tungsten and tungsten carbide rings is really in the wording. And you can rest assured, that all of our tungsten rings for men are of the highest quality that you can get.

Unique Range of Tungsten Rings for Men

If you are beginning to look at rings, you will know that there are a vast range of different styles to choose from. There is definitely one out there for every man. Simple and elaborate. Traditional and contemporary.

Once you have decided whether tungsten is the metal for you, consider the colours available to you. There are a range of choices in many different colours – black ring collection, blue ring collection, brown ring collection, gold ring collection, rose gold ring collection, and also silver ring collection. Some of our contemporary tungsten men’s rings are a combination of colours.

Another element to consider is the finish of the ring – whether you prefer a ring that is polished, brushed, satin, or matte.

There are also men’s tungsten rings that include an inlay of another material – such as wood, shell, opal, or antler bone. Such rings have the strength and durability of the tungsten combined with something natural, unique, and completely stunning.

Whatever style you are looking for, there is a tungsten ring for men out there for you.

If you don’t know your ring size yet, don’t panic. Simply place an order for one of our rings and when it comes to selecting your size, pick ‘I don’t know my ring size’. We will then send you a ring sizer in the post. Once you know the size that you need, simply drop us an email to let us know.

Will a Tungsten Ring Turn Your Finger Green?

Absolutely not. The reason that some rings turn your finger green is if they contain copper. All of the tungsten rings for men available here at Newman Bands are made from tungsten and nickel. No copper ever!