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Men's Tungsten and Titanium Rings - Blue

Men's Tungsten and Titanium Blue Rings. With infinite depth comes Blue. The colour of the sky and the sea. A Blue ring says calm, cool, soothing and steady. An intelligent and creative choice of ring.

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  • Brushed Black and Groove of Blue Ring for Men

    Reveller – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Black with Blue 8mm

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  • Men's Black and Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring

    Savvy – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Black & Blue 4mm or 6mm

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  • Men's Blue and Black Ring

    Serene – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Blue & Black 8mm

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  • Brushed Silver and Blue Tungsten Ring for Men

    Sincere – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver & Blue 8mm

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  • Mens Silver Ring with Blue Inside

    Suave – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver & Blue 6mm or 8mm

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  • Men's Silver, Blue, and Black Tungsten Ring

    Supreme – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Silver with Blue & Black 8 mm

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  • Men's Black Tungsten Ring with Groove of Vivid Blue

    Visionary – Men’s Tungsten Ring – Black with Blue 8mm

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  • Silver Titanium Ring for Men with Inlays of Wood, Antler, and

    Euphoria – Men’s Titanium Ring – Antler Opal Wood 8mm

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Men’s Tungsten and Titanium Blue Rings. Without question, Blue is a fantastic choice in a ring. With incredible depth and intensity, Blue reflects Confidence, Power and Strength. And alongside this expression of strength comes the welcome and all-important aura of Calm, Tranquillity and Peace. It is this powerful combination that makes Blue so essential for the harmonious wellbeing of our Mind, Body and Spirit. And so well suited for a ring.

And if you want more? Blue still has more to offer. Blue is known to be the Symbol of Loyalty, Trust and Wisdom.

So, if you are looking for a ring with a colour that says something about you…. Blue may be the right choice for you. Strong. Dependable. Trustworthy. Most certainly and importantly Loyal.

With a wide range of stunning Blue bands and rings for you to choose from, I know you are spoilt for choice. From light blue to dark blue, from subtle to vibrant, we most definitely have the perfect Blue just for you.

For a Wedding Band, Blue is so perfect. With true elegance and a flair of difference, this is the choice of someone Creative and Wise. And crucially, Blue says Sincerity. Truthfulness. Constancy. Depth and Intensity. What incredible attributes to bring to a marriage.

Blue features in our range of men’s silver rings  and in our collection of men’s black rings.  You will also see blue rings in amongst our collection of abalone shell rings for men.

Your Newman Band – Make it Your Colour.


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