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Men's Tungsten and Titanium Rings - Gold

Gold men's tungsten and titanium rings. Shining bright and brilliant, our selection of gold rings are here for the classic man. Inventive, modern and unique twists on a traditional gold ring.

Gold men’s tungsten and titanium rings. A gold ring is for the man who appreciates both tradition and modern styles – and who and likes to stand out from the crowd. At Newman Bands, we have a stunning range of gold bands. Each unique, our gold rings are contemporary and innovative. This combination of old and new creates a tasteful and stunning ring.

The traditional form of Wedding ring tends to be plain yellow or white gold. These simple bands were most likely so universally popular because of their practical style. They are still popular, many couples both choosing matching Wedding Bands.

Our styles allow you to select a traditionally gold wedding band but that has an additional creative twist. One that has eye-catching elegance and charm.

By choosing a gold wedding band, you can match your partner’s ring but still have a wedding band that is unique to you. And one that stands out as something beautiful and striking. Letting your individuality shine.

And don’t forget, gold is not just for a wedding band. With such a bright shine, gold is a superb choice in a ring no matter what the occasion. Gold offers a welcome warmth, sparkle, glamour and elegance. Just what every man needs.

Some of our gold ring designs that incorporate an element of silver are included in the men’s silver ring collection. Gold contrasts with black for a stunning effect. You may like to browse through some of our black rings that feature gold in the black ring collection.

Your Newman Band – Make it Your Colour.


Tungsten Carbide or Titanium