Men's Tungsten Rings

Men's tungsten rings. Extreme strength, durability and outstanding scratch resistance. Tungsten feels substantial and sturdy. It is the perfect match for a man who is active, practical, hardworking, and tough.

Find out about the unparalleled strength, durability, and scratch resistance of tungsten carbide. 

Find tungsten rings in our black ring collection, blue ring collection, brown ring collection, gold ring collection, rose gold ring collection, and also silver ring collection.

Tungsten rings have seen an incredible rise in popularity in recent years, for all times of rings – wedding bands, engagement rings, promise, eternity, fashion, and statement. Not surprising when they have so much to offer:

  • Supreme Strength – Tungsten is the strongest and hardest of all metals. A tungsten ring is perfect for people who work with their hands or who live active and busy lifestyles.
  • Superior Scratch Resistance – Being such a hard material, tungsten can only be scratched by another material that is harder than itself. The only material harder than tungsten is diamond. So long as you keep the diamonds away from your tungsten ring, there will be no scratches.
  • Resistant to Tarnishing and Corrosion – Tungsten is highly resistant to corrosion and so will not tarnish or rust. Your tungsten ring will remain as pristine and immaculate as the first day you pop it on your finger
  • Retains its Shape – Unlike softer metals such as gold, tungsten rings will never bend or become out of shape no matter what you put your ring through
  • Affordable – Tungsten rings are affordable in comparison to rings made with precious metals such as gold or platinum. This in no way reflects quality but is a simple reflection of the fact that gold is highly valued.
  • Unique Array of Styles – Tungsten rings come in many forms from traditional, to contemporary. There is a tungsten ring out there to suit every style. See our full range of best selling rings here.